Welcome to St John’s Primary School’s

1st Virtual Sports day!

All you need to know about this year’s Sports Day can be found by clicking on the link below.

Sports Day information for parents

Use the document below to help you keep a record of your child’s scores before submitting them on the Google form when your child has finished all of the activities

Score sheet tracker

Below is the document with the activities on. These can be done in any order and over a couple of days.

The Rainbow Games for Sports Day 2020

The Rainbow Games Values

Please submit your child’s results using the Google Form below by Friday 26th June at 12pm.


Other activities your child might like to do linked to Sports Day:

  • Make a banner/ poster to help cheer their House on (Air/ Fire/ Earth/ Water)
  • Create a chant to support their team
  • Design a warm up which they could do before doing the Sports Day activities e.g. stretches
  • Create a dance (a bit like an Olympic opening ceremony)
  • Capture their 1st Virtual Sports day in a poster/ Powerpoint presentation/ video for a scrapbook/ memory box/ share with relatives
  • Write a commentary which could be said over someone else doing the activities (like a Sports commentator!)

Have fun!

Mrs Colbourne