St John’s School Ethos

Childhood is precious, and at this school we want our children to feel happy and stimulated, to achieve the best educational standards they can within the context of their emotional welfare, and to further develop morally and spiritually. The school actively promotes activities which support the Every Child Matters outcomes.

We aim to harness children’s natural curiosity and encourage them to work both independently and cooperatively in the pursuit of knowledge and understanding. Children are given a broad education with lessons that are challenging and interesting, based on the National Curriculum. Progress is closely monitored, so that each child receives appropriate work and is properly ‘stretched’. We aim to recruit and train the highest quality staff, and to provide strong, supportive leadership from the management team and from an active and interested governing body.

We encourage and value close links with parents and carers who are welcome to come and take an interest in, and help in, the school, and to discuss their child’s progress and welfare. Parents are a child’s first and most enduring teachers, and link the family to school and to the wider community.

We want the children to feel part of the school community and to care for their environment. We aim to provide attractive and fun areas for play and work.

All children should feel happy and secure during class and play times, and children’s treatment of one another is an important aspect of community life in school. The school has a strong tradition of ‘inclusiveness’, and we take pride in the way that the children value and treat others well. We have clear written policies and guidelines showing our expectations in terms of learning and behaviour. By helping the children to say ‘no’ to activities they consider to be wrong whilst showing tolerance and respect for others, we make their lives happier now, and prepare them to be good citizens outside school and in their future lives.


Our Values

We care deeply for every child, and through a focus on positive values ensure that everyone achieves their best. We aim to develop inquisitive, independent and confident young people who are equipped with all the skills they need for their learning journey.Untitled5

St Johns Vision