St John’s Primary School is an Academy school.

The benefits of being an academy are:

  • A continued commitment to raising pupil achievement at St John’s School through the sharing of best practice teaching and of high quality professional development across all schools in the Umbrella Trust.
  • The potential to set our own curriculum to meet the Trust’s objective of “an outstanding education for all pupils“.
  • Some additional funding so we can deploy resources in the best way towards achieving our aims.

With four other schools, we have formed an Umbrella Trust called the Oxfordshire Primary Education Network (OPEN) with the aim of: working together to provide an outstanding education for all our children.  The four other schools are:

  • Ladygrove Park Primary School
  • Willowcroft Community Primary School
  • Cholsey School

The umbrella trust will provide challenge and support for St John’s as well as replacing some of the functions of the Local Authority. The five schools will keep their own independence but will also commit to working together to improve teaching and learning in all schools.


Further Information and Documentation