At the beginning of each term, teachers will write to you about the work that is planned, so that you can support your child.  Regular school newsletters are sent out too.

Written reports of your child’s progress are sent home annually, and there are opportunities for you to meet with teachers at parents’ evenings.  Your child’s teacher should always be your first point of contact about his or her progress and welfare, followed by a meeting with the Headteacher, if necessary.Untitled1

At St John’s, your children will be set challenging work that is appropriate to their abilities, and we expect high standards of behaviour and achievement.  We believe that praise and recognition are very important to help children succeed, and will encourage and celebrate good effort at every opportunity.

Untitled2We try to draw on all resources at our disposal in order to achieve our learning objectives and recognise the importance of effective home/school links in contributing to your child’s educational development.

We expect, and value, the assistance and support of parents in this and encourage all families to support our Vision and Values.

Termly topic plans for each class can be found under medium term topic plans and also in the individual class pages. 


Dying Matters Campaign

Please find copies of the lesson plans we will select from below.  If you have any questions or queries about the lessons, please do get in touch with Miss Hughes or Mrs Hannaford.