Choclatiers extradordinaires!

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Well… haven’t we been busy! To bring our topic of Chocolate to a delightfully scrumptious close, Year 3 and 4 have designed and created our very own chocolate bars! We begun by deciding upon the type of chocolate (white, milk or dark) we would like to use, before selecting some key ingredients to add a little extra flavour and crunch. Next we designed a wrapper to gently envelop our precious package, before dreaming up some inventive advertising to help flog it at a later date. Finally came the making itself… we spooned sumptuous amounts of gooey melted chocolate into a mold and sprinkled over our chosen toppings. Having made our products, we then wrote some extraordinary persuasive letters to Cadbury UK, encouraging them to take our newly created chocolate bar into the Cadbury family, so that it may one day grace the shelves of many a shop. Fingers crossed!


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