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Throughout Term 5, Years 3 and 4 studied the gripping and mountain based story of Blue John, a story written by Berlie Doherty. We enjoyed the story so much that it inspired us in writing our own tales, creating characters based around volcanoes, pyramids, rainforests, waterfalls and the ocean, to name a few. Our stories were exceptional, so much so that we emailed the author of Blue John to simply let her know how much her tale had enthused us all.                                                 

I am delighted to share that we received a response from Ms. Doherty who was excited to hear about our writing.

Her response is as follows:


Dear Ms Curley and Years 3 and 4,
My agent has forwarded your lovely letter and I have just returned from a few days in the Lake District, so I can now view the gorgeous book covers. They are great fun! I’m so pleased to hear how much you enjoyed Blue John, and really happy to know about all the work it inspired. Thank you for sharing your lovely covers with me. I’ll be doing an end-of-term round-up in my website newsletter so watch out – you may well be mentioned!
Best wishes,
Berlie Doherty

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