Wallingford Children’s Choir

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“In March and April some St.John’s students who are part of Wallingford School Children’s Choir performed at 3 events: Winterbrook care home, Wallingford School’s ‘Live Lounge’ (a small informal concert in a drama room) and Wallingford School’s large ’Spring Concert’ in the main school hall. At the Spring Concert they joined up with the secondary school students aged 11-18 years to form a large choir with over 50 students – it sounded great. The St.John’s students involved were all brave and volunteered to sing solo’s at all 3 events.  🙂

Don’t miss out! Come to the choir to develop your confidence and singing skills with fun songs (including Greatest Showman and Mamma Mia), as well as get to know a secondary school better and perform with older students.

The ’Sing Yourself Happy’ choir meets at Wallingford School’s Music Department on Thursdays during term-time from 4.30-5.20pm”


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