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Walk to School survey and Parking


Lately we have been looking at healthy and safe ways to get to school.  We found out that three quarters of the school walk to school daily (74%), but that still means that around 50 children don’t walk to school.  We understand that some people can’t walk to school, but we want to encourage the people who maybe could.  If you drive, try to park further away and walk the rest.  We’ve also found out that around 40 people park around the main entrance every day.  This includes people parking on the zig zags, blocking drives and taking up pavements.  Because of this, children can’t see when they are crossing the road.  Also, our neighbours are complaining of blocked driveways which are hazardous if an ambulance needs to come.

We will be talking to the rest of the school about other ideas to encourage safe ways to school and less parking around St John’s.


The School Council. 

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