Antarctic Explorer Visit

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Yesterday we had a visit from an Antarctic explorer called Al Sylvester.  Al is a very confident and determined man. He told us to go for your goal and everyone can do what they want and nobody can stop you. We learnt about his exhibition to the South Pole. Only 4 days from the pole someone in his crew got ill so they called for help. Eventually on Christmas Day they got flown to the South Pole.

We learnt loads of interesting facts some include:

It takes only a minute and a half to get frostbite (Al got it on both his thumbs).

You have to wear 5 body layers, 3 for the hand, 3 for the head and 3 trousers.

The highest temperature was -15c and the lowest was -51c

Al stated ‘You can do anything as long as you believe and the only person stopping you is yourself”.

By Seb and Lewis (Year 5)

  1. Al Sylvester

    Thank you to all the boys and girls and wonderful staff at St John’s. I had a super day sharing my experiences of the South Pole and my years in the RAF Mountain Rescue Service. Your keen observation and enthusiasm created some incredible thought provoking questions. Thank you, I’m so glad you enjoyed the day as much as I did. Thumbs up. Al Sylvester

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